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Cultivating STEM cultures

The lack of interests and motivations among the students in the field of Science –Technology – Engineering – Mathematics (STEM) are now becoming a global issue with Malaysia of no exception. This has caused quite an impact not only at the school level but at the university level as well. This can be seen from the decline in the number of students’ intake to the university in STEM-related studies, where the numbers are unable to fulfil the projections being made by the universities. If this trend continues, it will ultimately affect the country’s human capital in the future.

Therefore, the university needs to play an active role in assisting the schools and education department in increasing the interests and motivations among the students to pursue STEM studies. The UniMAP International STEM & Innovation Virtual Colloquia Series (ISICS) will serves as a platform for knowledge and expertise sharing in the field of STEM by world-renowned scientists and technologists. It is hoped that this colloquia series will be able to make the students see the beauty of STEM through real-life experiences and scientific discoveries being delivered by the invited speakers. The ISICS programme will be held virtually through online platforms where each colloquia series will have one speaker to share his/her experiences in their respective fields.